Featured Project:

I worked alongside Cardiff based animation production company, Jammy Custard, on this project for Wales Millennium Centre.

I was given an open brief with regards to the music so decided to create a mainly organic piece, to reflect some of the cliffside/mountainous imagery. I also wanted to create an uplifting and nostalgic mood with my music to accompany the historic storytelling of the animation.


Music For Film & TV

Composed with painstaking attention to detail to perfectly accompany your visuals.

Music For Adverts

Composed to be as memorable as the visuals and to enhance the brand.

Music For Animation

Composed with mood in mind to help bring your animation to life.

Sound Design

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If you have a project that could benefit from bespoke music, let's have a chat - get in touch.


A collection of short films, animations, promotional videos and more that I had the pleasure of composing music for between 2017-19.

Full versions of most of these can be found in the 'Latest Projects' section.

A collection of adverts, opening titles sequences and trailers for which I re-scored the music in order to showcase various styles of music.
Important note: these compositions have been re-imagined to demonstrate alternative solutions to the original broadcast pieces.


The Importance Of Having An Up To Date Will - Hugh James Legal (Animation)

I collaborated with animation production company Jammy Custard for this explainer animation for Hugh James.

I aimed to compose an emotional/melancholic piece of music to accompany the subject matter, without creating something too sombre. It was great to work with Jammy Custard on such a beautifully designed animation.

JEFF - The First Name In Hosted Communications - Glamorgan Telecom (Animation)

Animation production company Jammy Custard brought me on board for this upbeat, 50s/60s style animation for Glamorgan Telecom.

The style of the animation drew influence from 50s/60s comics and cartoons which needed to be mirrored in the music. I decided upon an energetic jazzy/swing style piece would fit Jeff's appearance and the overall pace of the animation.


"He really understood the tone of the film with his composition" 

— Terri Culbertson, Producer on 'Doubt' (Short Film)

"His composition has enhanced our work's sense of brand'"

— Patrick Hathaway, Producer and Account Director at Jammy Custard Animation

"He’s talented, passionate, easy to work with"

— J.ournal Poems, LA based spoken word poet/videomaker

"We would highly recommend him to any other filmmakers"

— Justin Chaloner, Producer at Purple Hat Productions

"Music was essential to help bring the emotion out and Tom really delivered"

— Daisy Victoria, Director of 'Tornado' (Short Film)

"He is professional and always brought his creativity into the project"

— Waqas Bin Idrees, Producer of '3 Minutes' (Short Film)


Send an email giving some details about your project and the kind of music you need.

What type of visual media? (Film, ad?)
How long is it?
What style of music are you after?

What is your budget for music?

Based on the details in your initial email, I'll quote you my rate for your project.

Once agreed, we'll discuss time-scales and deadlines.

Any footage can be sent to me at this point and composing can then begin.

Throughout the composition process, I'll keep you up to date with the music's progress.

Once completed, a first draft will be sent to you.
You can then request any alterations until you feel the music fits perfectly.